Johnny Park

Full Stack Developer at Nureva Inc.

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BSC IN MATHEMATICS (High Distinction)

Software Developer at Nureva Inc.

Teaching Assistant for Intro. to Systems Programming

Research Assistant in the Field of Algebraic Geometry

Finished and Currently Working on Various Projects

RPS Project (Sep 2019 - Apr 2020)

A project worked in Carleton AI Society. Used Scikit-learn, a python machine learning library to develop an AI that analyze the human player's hands and construct an algorithm that would generate a high winrate against the human player.


Hydr8 Project (Feb 2020, in uOttaHack3)

Used arduino to make a bottle that measures the liquid consumption on the straw. Received an award for best collaboration.

Github   Devpost

Five-in-a-Row App (Jan 2020, in CUHacking Hackathon)

Used android studio to develop an android app that plays five in a row game through voice control.

Github    Devpost